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Airlines bookings


Great Little Switzerland is an official IATA agent, able to book almost any airlines.

So we can take full charge of international and intercontinental flights to get your customers to Europe and Switzerland.

Flights within Europe and Switzerland too.

We can prebook option flights for sometimes, allowing us to tailor made the best program and modify it until perfection !

Of course, we do also take care of private jets & helicopters.


 Chauffeur services


Where ever you might arrive, by planes, trains or helicopters, we will make sure your chauffeur will be waiting to you !

Switzerland is a small country indeed, enjoying the best quality roads.

Many roads are sliding along the mountains passes, some are true marvels, some are true nightmares !

It is indeed your deep knowledge of the country that will balance the perfect combinations of fast connections and scenic drives ! The perfect balance between the joy of famous mountains trains rides, historic boat cruises, mountains gondolas… your chauffeur always awaiting on the other side !





Hotels selections and reservations


Switzerland is home the world renowned  “Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne” & “Ecole Hôtelière de Glion”, where hotels directors learn to manage the best hotels all around the world. Thank’s to Cesar Ritz and his genius senses of hospitality, our little country is home of perfect and discreet services since 1870 !

But stars hotel ranking, like 5, 4 or 3 stars, is totally out of reality nowadays. We can definitely not base our hotels selection on this criteria. Not on criteria like Tripadvisor or Booking either.  

This is indeed when our deep knowledge of the country has a real value. Not only because we deal the best prices, but mostly because we will propose the most charming hotels in each regions and cities. It might not always be the « big international name » listed on all website, but it will always be the best location, best view and, of course, the best service !








Trains tickets and reservations


No other countries propose such a vast (and complex) train system like Switzerland ! Travelling by train, always right on time, is a must when visiting us !

As foreign traveler, we can get special price discounts on our incredible swiss railways system, that include (most of the time or with discounts) lake cruises, private scenic trains, mountains gondolas, etc.

The tricky part is which trains to take (or avoid), are the schedules good enough, when to avoid the horrible hours full of overcrowded tourist buses, do we need to prebook the seats or not, what about the luggage’s (yes, we manage them), are the connections easy between trains & mountains gondolas… ?  Shall we be escorted by a local guide to make it smooth and easy ?

 Do not worry, you are in good hands with Great Little Switzerland.




Our selected guides


More than any other travel services, your private guide can make your travel really unforgettable… or absolutely unforgettable… both good or bad ways… ! This the reason why we invest a lot of efforts in our guide selections. Professional guides knows that their services, style and knowledge cannot fit every type of travelers.

A traveler might be a shopping addict, the other is in love with mediaeval castles and historical towns, the next one would enjoy wine tasting and wants to learn how to make cheese, some are great walkers or super active bikers, some are aware of the remarkable museums all around the country, some wants a bit of it all…

We will always find the guide that will end up being your swiss friends !



And, of course, we have THE guide of another level… not in term of services, but in term of altitude !

The guide that will escort you up the summit of the Matterhorn, or lead you skiing down to some famous after ski parties…


Private Chalet & Villa rentals


Family holidays, friends gathering or team building ? Renting a villa along a warm blue lake in summer or a charming wooden chalet in a trendy ski village is always great fun. We have access to a wide range of addresses for small to very large group, most of them being privately own and not listed on internet.


More than ever, the choice of the location is a key factor when renting a private home away from home.


  • Would the ski resort be fine to party or relax in silence ?
  • Would the ski slopes be serious enough for ski freaks ?
  • Would it the right place to learn how to snowboard ?
  • Would the ski resort offer other activities like thermal baths, if the weather gets bad ?
  • Ski-in, ski-out ?
  • Any music festivals during our stay ?
  • … and what about restaurants around ?


Plenty of little things to plan in advance, for everyone to enjoy Switzerland !


And what about the numbers of rooms, inside or outside pool, Chef, driver, nannies, housekeeping ?


Let us help you with your project !




We are Ski-Experts


Like any lucky swiss kids, we were on skis before we even knew how to walk ! Ski weeks at school every year, ski competition in our local ski-clubs, trying the first so-called snowboard 30 years ago, testing new material every coming seasons… yes, indeed, we are real Ski-Experts !

Zermatt, Verbier, Gstaad, Crans Montana, Laax, St Moritz, Courchevel, Chamonix, Wengen, name it…      we have been skiing them all !

It would be a pleasure to guide you through ski holiday’s plans.


Our « Ski-Special » services goes :


  • Booking hotel rooms or private chalet 
  • Getting ski passes ready on arrival, even discounted whenever possible
  • Your skis, boots, snowboards, helmets, bob-sledges, etc., delivered straight to your doorstep
  • Organizing ski or snowboard lessons with an official Swiss Ski School teacher. Yes, the one with the red jackets !
  • Planning your unforgettable heliskiing days !






    Swiss Clinics  –  Health experts




    Discretion, precision, care ! These are the words that prevails, the promises you pray for when planning a stay in a clinics. Nowhere else than Switzerland would satisfy best your request.


    We all have our private and secret reasons, the clinics choices are endless, price ranges are wide… this is why it is always good to have a little help to get the best of your stay in one of our selected Swiss Clinics.


    • Would you wish to be close to Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne or Lucerne during your stay in Switzerland, in order to manage some appointments or shopping opportunities ?
    • Would you wish you get away from it all to reset one’s inner self ?
    • Detox, weight management, fountain of Youth ? Complete check-up ? Pre or post natal  cares ? Cancer, blindness, rehab ? Not all clinics have the same expertise ! 

    And what about visiting the country between 2 treatments ? At the right pace and with secured guiding ?

    Yes, we are here to help you get the best of your Swiss Clinics stay ! 







    Wedding & celebrations


    Your family and friends are coming from all over the world, all gathering for your life’s most memorable day ! All should be planned long ahead, devils hide in small details. Swiss people, like their watches, love to plan and take care of details ! No wonder why Switzerland has celebrated so many wedding & birthdays of royalties and celebrities !

    More than the usual services of master wedding planners, we will also take care of flights planning of your guests, hotels booking, transfers, site-inspections to find the right place, etc…


    Let’s make this day smooth and unforgettable ! 





      Exclusive Experiences « Great Little Switzerland »


      More than anything else, we love to share what makes Switzerland so unique !

      We do invest a lot of time shaking the hands of mountain farmers, for them to allow us to discover the secrets of making a Gruyères cheese ! Speaking to a professional fisherman to let us get on board, early morning on the blue waters of lake Geneva, in order to help him fish some indigenous species ! Planning some helicopter wine-tasting on a snowy mountain’s cap. Booking a private chocolate cooking lesson with the world best chocolate Chef ! Opening the doors of some very discreet watch manufactures. Having your table set right in the middle of the cuisine of the world best restaurant, witnessing the Chef’s brigade in full action…

      Not all our local heroes speaks English, some even speaks only some very rural slangs. But your private guide, the natural smiles and funny hand gestures will always break the invisible walls between our worlds.

      Our Great Little Switzerland Exclusive Experiences are so private that we will tell no more… but be ready to be surprised to way you love !







      Car rentals


      Switzerland is a small country indeed, enjoying the best quality roads.

      Traffics signs are very clear, getting from one place to the other never takes more than one hour and each journey will provide you with another sceneries at every curves. Yes indeed, Switzerland is a dream road-trip destinations !

      But… be aware of the rules, speed limits and pedestrians crossing the road without looking (pedestrians are kings in Switzerland) ! A policeman hides behind every Swiss ! But on the other hands, almost all Swiss speaks English & 2 or 3 other languages and will be pleased to help find your way around.


      Our car rentals could be an unstoppable 4×4, a luxury limousine, a sexy convertible, an historical treasure, an extravagant supercar, a minibus for all your team mate, or even an Harley-Davidson !


      They will, most of the time, include all insurances and unlimited mileage ! We organize your car rental at the airport, train stations or make it delivered at your hotel door.


      Let us help you plan your journey through the country, prebook your hotels, have guides waiting for you in valued places, let you know which mountain passes are open and worth the drive, cross borders as you wish, etc…










        Bicycle tours


        Switzerland offer a dream road to every kind of bicycle lover. 

        Some of our travelers are requesting a full week tour on a carbon road bike, cleaning the passes one after the other like in the Tour de France. Some other travelers use their mountain bikes like their winter’s skis, gliding down the slopes on perfectly prepared runs. Some other just want to ride for half a day, family style, along the lakes and rivers.

        We can prepare the perfect match, taking care of the itinerary, the bike rental (even one way), the hotels and restaurants reservations, luggage handling and even a private guide if you wish to !







        Helicopter scenic & transfer flights



        The helicopter is indeed the best toy to play around the Alps ! Would it be for a fast transfer from Zurich or Geneva airports to your ski resort, for a ski safari on untouched power snow, for a lunch in a high altitude restaurant or just for a scenic flight around the Matterhorn ot the Eiger !

        Did you know that the use of helicopter in Switzerland is so commun that even cows are heliflight to their altitude summer farms, or catamaran sailing boat are heliflight from one lake to the other ?

         Would’nt be fun to include a heli ride in your swiss journey ?










          Music festivals – Sports events


          Did you know that Switzerland is home of more than 500 music festivals every single year ? From the world famous « Montreux Jazz Festival » listed at the UNESCO, to the classical music festival in Verbier… from the Hip-Hop Openair festival of Frauenfeld with more than 170’00 people to the unbeatable Paleo Festival with almost 300’000 people partying during 6 days !

          In the single month of August, in the middle of the summer, Switzerland is home of 70 different music festivals. Lugano, in the Italian speaking part of the country, offers 60 days of concerts from June to August. Most of the ski resort fight to have the best DJ’s in winter time…


          Did you know that the Street Parade in Zurich is the biggest party on earth with some 1’200’000 people dancing on electro music in a single day ? Yes, even more people partying together than in the Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival !

          I am sure now, that your international image of the « boring Swiss » has some trouble stay in your mind. Come over and party with us !


          What about sports then ? International Olympic Committee, FIFA and UEFA football federations, Basquet ball, Baseball, Volleyball, Judo, Bicycle, Ski, Ice Hockey, Formula one cars and other world car series, Motorcycle, Triathlon, Chess, Bridge, Equestrian, Boxe… ok, name it ! Almost all sports associations have their world head offices in Switzerland, especially in the charming town of Lausanne. That being said, you have plenty options of visiting museums or enjoy some great competitions.


          Bay the way, did you know that the lake Geneva is home of the biggest sailing regatta in Europe ? Yes, Switzerland have more sailors than skiers !








          Watch & Swiss manufactures


          Is there anything more personal than a watch, a precious object that will follow you all your life time and become a part of yourself ? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to spend a bit of times, during your visit of Switzerland, to discover the marvelous universe of timekeeping and choose the exact watch that fits your style and your imagination ?

          Unless you are a pure watch afficionados, you could easily get lost in the numerous watch brands, retailer’s shops, tag prices, labels… and end up with watch of a « too usual brand », like any other tourist… or traveler buying a random watch in an airport ! This is the reason why we would love to assist you in the journey of choosing your best friend for life !

          In advance, we can plan this journey ahead, with several options to dive deep into time ? 

          • Half day workshop, understanding how a mechanical watch get alive  ?
          • Full day workshop, creating your own personal watch and make it alive yourself ?
          • Privately guided visit of some of the most amazing watch museums, like the private collection of Patek Philippe, the exclusive museum of Audemars Piguet in the lost village of Le Brassus, the little gem museum of Le Locle, the Omega & Swatch museum in the watch capital of Bienne, etc. ?
          • A visit inside one of the exclusive manufacture, where you can really witness the amazing skill of master watchmakers ?
          • Shake the hands of the master watchmakers that just signed you own private watch made to order ?
          • Organize in advance the exact watch references you would love to choose from ?
          • Spend a few days, with an expert guide, driving along the « Watch Valley » from Geneva to Bienne, opening doors that only few pure watch afficionados did ?


          As you can see, the « watch world » is a little Switzerland on his own !










            Private banking and financial advisor appoinment


            Swiss banks services are well renowned.


            Shall we manage a discreet appointment during your stay in our Great Little Switzerland ?








            Full relocation services & Real Estates in Switzerland


            More than ever, at this time of global warming, pandemic or unsecure politics, Switzerland is the safest place on earth to raise a family or enjoy an happy retirement life.

            Whether you are looking to move temporarily or permanently, our team will handle every aspect of the moving process. This includes packing and unpacking services, transportation and moving costs, finding the right place by renting different residences, acquisition of your final new house, mortgage assistance, school inscription for the kids, cultural training as well as language training for you and your family.

            Simple things like : what garage can I trust for my cars, how does that waste sorting works in my new village (this is indeed our Swiss national sport), what sailing club should I join ?

            These are the simple things that we would love to share with you and your family, in order to fell welcome in your new country !